Spiritual practices and understanding are on a level where rational intelligence and abilities are limited.

Some qualities are necessary as they are associated with spiritual maturity, including honesty, tolerance and open-mindedness.

We will take the following steps to handle your request:

A. After receiving your request we will analyze your needs and contact you by email as soon as possible. (If we think it is necessary we will contact you for a phone conversation.)

B. Our response and advice will be unique to your request.

C.  We will offer advice and solutions how to proceed with the consideration of time and your budget.

Our solutions will include one or a variety of actions.  Some will need  to be performed on your end or on our end only, or both.  In some cases we will send you by mail materials/applications to help you proceed with your request.

We offer three types of engagement processes based on your choice:

give you more information. The goal is to help you implement proven strategies and give you the unwavering support you need

Any questions or advice?

The number of sessions/solutions like

Session are remote (with you or not and notified on schedule) with applications that we will send

Session – We work one on one and per session. A session can be conducted remotely, usually for about 60 minutes. Sometime your involvment is not needed.
2. Session and materials

You can choose to

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Working with us you can choose between 3 options:

after rec
We will put in part of the application certain actions