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Reconcile marrige and bring wife back

Hello I would like to reconcile my marriage and bring my wife back.

My name is _______ my mothers maiden name is__________my wife ________ left me about 6 months ago for a child hood friend of mine.

We were married for 9 years and together for 10 years total.. We had a wonderful marriage and we were deeply in love for the whole 10 years, we were best friends and I believe even soulmates or twin flames. ..this so called childhood friend of mine was lying to her and making up untrue stories to her about me and that was the start of all this.

I know he has some evil with him (entities and energy) and I’ve been told that is how he worked on her and her energy.

Is there any solutions that I can have and that will bring my marriage and wife back to me..thank you so very much for all of your help.


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