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Suit against me and to pay $24,000 attorneys fees before ever going to court

I am writing this to you, to desperately ask for help. I am a New Yorker, little did I know that simply repairing my own home’s property would open a bayou of crocodiles, trying to gobble up my home, and my small paychecks.

I freshened up the look of my home three yrs. ago, by resurfacing it to look like stone. It brought great joy to me to see the finished product which took me two months to produce by my own hand.

My immediate neighbors also love it’s look, but my __________ has filed suit against me to destroy it and to pay them $24,000 in their attorneys fees before ever going to court. I am an artist, and therefore my Constitutional Right of freedom of expression is very important to me.

This situation is getting completely out of hand. I have been threatened for three years by my _________ to destroy it completely or be sued. Attorneys I have spoken with are confident that if I lose the suit, they WILL seek to foreclose on me. All this because they do not like my home.

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